Spine articles

Back pain can stop you from living your life. It doesn't have to. Learn about common conditions and injuries and find ways to treat and prevent them in the future.


Shoulder articles

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and arguably the most relevant to allow us to work with our hands. Learn more about some of the most common conditions and handy tips to get your shoulder working optimally.


Elbow articles

This hard-working hinge joint lets you throw, swing and lift. Injuries can be traumatic or over longer periods of time. Check out some solutions with our experts here.


Knee articles

What a smart joint the knee is, it helps us move, slide, ski, skate. Learn more about this awesome joint and how we can get it functioning to its utmost best!


Foot & ankle articles

Foot pain can stop you in your tracks. Read more to find solutions to your foot issues!



From runner's knee to ankle injuries, we have got your running needs covered!

COVID 19 and Long COVID


Don't let COVID-19 rob you of returning to fitness. Read more here about the risk factors, pathogenesis of COVID-19 as well some handy solutions for Long COVID and beyond.

Women's Health

Women's health

We love to see women thrive. All women should be able to access the best quality care at whatever stage of life they are in.  We will help you understand, discover solutions to issues affecting women of all ages.