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COVID-19 – helping you get better while we’re all at home

The Covid-19 virus has turned life as we know it on its head. At Vitality Physiotherapy we have taken the decision to temporarily close down all our physical locations in London and Surrey.

We know that your treatment to alleviate pain, weakness and continue your post and pre surgical care is paramount to your physical and mental wellness and therefore we are staying open for online video appointments only.

Physiotherapy video consultations are evidence based and have proven to be clinically effective to treat musculoskeletal conditions, and at Vitality Physiotherapy this is not the first time we have used such tools.

During your consultation, your Physio will be able to establish a diagnosis and offer you treatment through a custom made exercise plan as well as manual therapy and self-mobilisation techniques, offer technical expertise, advice and week on week guidance on your condition, your exercise regime or training plan.

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