Sports Physio

Amar is our sports injury, running and tennis expert. He obtained his Masters Degree in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University. He gained a solid foundation with his degree in sports therapy at Brunel university previously. Amar’s education has really positioned him as a rehabilitation specialist. He is also a superb hands on Physio with excellent manual therapy skills. Amar is passionate about knees and is a particular fan of treating operated as well as non operated ACL injuries. His running analysis is on point and he is well know to help runners return to full form or achieve their running goals. Whether it’s your cadence, running form or speed you’re working on, or you’re trying to achieve a personal best for an event, Amar can help you and safely guide you to achieve new heights. Getting players safely back on the pitch is central to reasoning and problem solving. He practices what he preaches and  his sporting achievements include representing the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) as an elite player and is that is not enough, Amar also holds a black belt in Shotokan karate. Amar is the team Physio for a semi-pro football team and continues to work in elite tennis as a a Physio. When he is not being a top Physio, he loves practicing karate or training in the gym.