What's a video gait analysis?

A video gait analysis is a bespoke Running Analysis or biomechanics package.

Whether you’re an experienced ultra-marathon runner or a weekend warrior, a clear understanding of your running technique can be extremely beneficial to improving your performance, speed, endurance, running economy (energy expenditure over the distance run), limit injuries and correct biomechanical errors.

What will we do?

  • Perform a full physical assessment
  • Identify any running technique errors (such as foot placement, weight shift, range of movement used) that may hamper speed, endurance or energy efficiency
  • Identify faulty biomechanics that may lead to running injuries (some common injuries are: ITB friction syndrome, anterior knee pain and shin splints)
  • Consider whether your footwear and/or your orthotics are suitable to your foot type and running method.


  • We capture video footage of you running, in different relevant planes of movement (side on, from behind or in front) and at various speeds either on a treadmill or on a running track.
  • Thereafter, we use sophisticated computer software to measure ranges of movement, stride, tilt angles, contact angles and other important iformation, to frame by frame, analyse your technique.


  • We provide you with a comprehensive and relevant report detailing the relevant problems that we have identified and provide a treatment or rehabilitation strategy to restore optimum function.
  • This may involve considering movement correction, stability, strength, flexibility or footwear modification and insoles.
  • Provide you with a programme to apply the interventions discussed alongside your personal trainer or running coach.


  • We usually recommend a reassessment of your technique after an agreed period of time to determine whether your technique has improved, and thereafter modify your programme if required.